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Roadtrek Motorhomes


Road Trek Motorhomes are convenient because of their innovative designs. Allowing you to have the options and availability of a larger RV or motorhome. Road Trek RVs are user friendly, with access to drive one like a van or SUV. During your travels you can have access to your own bathroom, kitchen, living and bed rooms. The Roadtrek motorhome is also exteremely fuel efficent, allowing for easier manuvering  including parking and smaller turn radius than a traditional motorhome. Since 1990, Roadtrek has been the #1 selling Class B motorhome sold in North America.

Road trip with Roadtrek in comfort, with features like lumbar support, plenty of leg room, larger windows (to experience everything and have a larger field of view) and options for 1 or 2 single beds and upto a king-sized bed in the back, sleeping up to 4 people!


Roadtrek N6-Active

Roadtrek 190-Popular

Roadtrek 210-Popular

Roadtrek SS-Agile

Roadtrek RS-Adventurous

Roadtrek SS-Ideal

Roadtrek 210-Versatile


Here at the Mike Thompson's RV Center we have one of the widest selections of Road Trek Motorhomes in the West. If you are not in Southern California, check out our Fly and Drive Service to help you get into the Motorhome you want! To see the full inventory of Roadtrek Motorhomes click here. We also have all your Accessories & Parts needs and a very experienced Service Deparment to repair your Roadtrek RV!


Please keep in mind we are constantly getting new inventory in, so if you don't see a model you like here, be sure to come back and check out our inventory or call the number at the top of your screen!



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