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Tiffin RV Dealer


Since 1941, the Tiffin Family has been successful in owning businesses. Then in 1965, the Tiffins bought a cotton gin which Bob Tiffin took over. Finally in 1972 after a bad year for cotton, the Tiffins started contsruction on a recreational vechile. In 1980 they became so successful in their innovations of these Recreational Vechiles, they introduced the first motorhome basement, which allowed more storage, larger water, sewage and fuel tanks. 

Now Tiffin Motorhomes has over 100 dealers in the North America. Mike Thompson RV has the largest inventory of Tiffin Allegros - Tiffin Motorhomes west of the Mississippi and is the larget RV Dealerships in California! If you live out of state, check out our Fly and Drive Service.




  • Allegro Bus - Pioneering spirit with the luxury of a four-star hotel.
  • Phaeton - More luxury and practicality at a greater value.
  • Allegro Red - Passion for the road with the power to match.
  • Allegro Breeze - Small is big. Small is bold. Small is here.
  • Allegro Open Road - The original model that put Tiffin on the map.
  • All Tiffin Allegro Models - Check out the full line of Tiffin's.