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Fly & Drive Program

Introducing the Fly & Drive Program from Mike Thompson’s RV!

In the market for an RV? With the new Fly & Drive program from Mike Thompson’s RV, it’s never been easier to purchase an RV. Whether you’re in the South, on the East Coast or from the midwest, Mike Thompson’s Fly & Drive program has got you covered. Let our RV experts help you find the right RV for you, no matter where you are!

Here is How it Works

Select a new or pre-owned motorhome or trailer from our massive RV inventory. We have the largest inventory on the west coast, so we can sell at the lowest prices!

Book your flight to California and let your Mike Thompson’s sales representative know.

We’ll pick you up at any of Southern California’s major metropolitan airports, courtesy of Mike Thompson’s.

You’ll then get a detailed orientation on your RV by an expertly trained walkthrough technician

Receive hot deals on the best RV parks in Southern California for your way back home!

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Fly & Drive Program

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